8 Simple Exercises to Reduce Abdominal Fat Fast

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All of us want to have a flat and toned stomach and flaunt sexy abs. Diet and exercise are the main criteria to be followed to burn calories and lose weight. Abdominal fat should be taken seriously not just because it creates a displeasing figure, but because it also leads to various irreversible health problems, especially cardiovascular diseases.

8 Simple Exercises to Reduce Abdominal Fat Fast

Hence one should concentrate on burning the abdominal fat in order to maintain good health. Listed below are the simple and easy exercises required to burn abdominal fat effectively.

1. Rolling Plank Exercise:

Rolling Plank Exercise1

The rolling plank trains your body muscles around the abdomen, hip and lower back. Position yourself on the mat or on the floor with the knees as well as elbows resting on the ground. Keep the neck aligned with the spine. Look forward. Then lift the knees up and support the legs on the toes. Contract the knees and keep your breathing normally. This is what you call the plank pose. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Now, begin moving to and fro for about 30 seconds.

2. Side Crunches:

Side Crunches2

Side crunches are one of the effective exercises to reduce abdominal fat. This is very good for getting rid of the excess abdominal fat. This exercise is very similar to twist crunch exercise that we have just seen. The main difference here is that you will have to lift your right leg up when you are titillating your right shoulder towards the left shoulder. And it should be repeated for the other shoulder as well. Repeat this exercise 10 times in a row. Thereafter you can do as many sets as you wish.

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