10 Simple Aerobic Exercises for Burning Fat

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Aerobic exercise, commonly know as “cardio”, including running, walking, and swimming, has historically been established as a good way to lose weight. Recently, however, recommendations have pointed out that resistance training, such as weight lifting to build and perpetuate muscle mass, could also contribute to weight loss via boosting a person’s resting metabolic level.

Simple Aerobic Exercises for Burning Fat

The other known benefits of aerobic exercise include reduction of mental health problems like anxiety, depression and stress. Aerobic exercise provides you with much-needed energy and stamina and thereby boosts up your mood. Moreover, a study showed that walking three to five days per week for as little 30 minutes per workout reduced scores on a depression questionnaire by 47% after twelve weeks.

1. Tennis:


Here’s a fun game that will provide you a great opportunity to burn some extra calories while improving your speed, strength and reaction time. A continuous workout of tennis for one hour will help you

2. Dancing:


Whether it is zumba or belly dancing, bhangra or Bollywood dancing, choose any form of dance. Dancing is great fitness exercise that can tone your body, can make your body flexible and also help in weight loss with a flat belly.

3. Pendulums:


The pendulum is a lesser known exercise that can be included in the list of cardio home workouts because it helps in raising the heart rate and promotes faster calorie burn. Being a whole body workout, it helps tone the entire body and is a simple exercise to keep fit and increase flexibility. In addition, it also helps in improving balance and posture. Although it targets the abs, butt and legs, it is beneficial for toning the upper body as well.

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