The Dining Room Decoration Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Are you serving a special meal for Valentine’s Day? Whether it will be a romantic meal for two, or a festive holiday banquet for a large group, Valentine’s Day décor will enhance your dining room’s holiday atmosphere.

The Dining Room Decoration Ideas For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Colors, Themes And Textures:

Working with classic Valentine’s Day colors helps create a holiday mood for your dining room. A traditional Valentine’s Day palette usually includes some or all of these colors:

• Red

• White

• Pink

For a modern, formal twist, try using these specific colors:

• Deep red

• Pearl white

• Darker, hot pink

• Black accents

Valentine’s Day Centerpieces And Extra Touches:

A homemade centerpiece and a few little extra touches really make your dining room table pop. You may want to try a few of these romantic table decorations:

Fresh Flowers:

Fresh Flowers

Fragrant cut flowers bring romance to any table. Make yours special for Valentine’s Day by choosing pink, red or white blossoms, arranging them in a color coordinated vase, or selecting a clear vase and coloring the water pink with food coloring.

Heart Lollipops:

Heart Lollipops

These confections aren’t just for kids. Enhance any floral arrangement with a heart lollipop, or create a table centerpiece by arranging a group of them in a tall glass or vase, tied with a ribbon.



Tie red, pink, white or metallic helium balloons with ribbons, and tie the other end to candy kisses or flower arrangements to weigh them down.

Cloth Heart Tree:

Cloth Heart Tree

Create a unique table centerpiece by arranging bare twigs in a Styrofoam base and hanging red puffy cloth hearts from each “branch.”

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