8 Simple Face Exercises to Reduce Cheek Fat

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Are you upset about having chubby cheeks? Do you really want to get rid of those excess fat from your face?

8 Simple Face Exercises to Reduce Cheek Fat

Chubby cheeks can make you feel disheartened and can lower your self-confidence. Excess cheek fat can make your face look older and bulky.

Cheek Lifts:

A smile which is wide not only shows that you are very happy but can serve as a good cheek lift exercise. A wide smile can help you tone as well as strengthen those drooping cheeks while reducing wrinkles making you look younger.

Cheek Lifts exercises for jaw fat reduction

How to do it:

  • Start in a comfortable sitting position and smile as wide as you can and lift yup your cheeks towards your eyes.
  • You will sense the stretch and strain in your cheek muscles.
  • You do this exercise by shutting your eyes for a better lift.
  • Hold the posture for 15 seconds and relax your face.
  • Repeat it 15 times at a stretch for best results.

Lip Pull:

Lip Pull exercises for jaw fat reduction

How to do it:

  • Stand with good posture with your head in its natural position.
  • Push your jaw out and lift your lower lip as high on your face as possible.
  • Hold it in that position for 10 seconds, then relax.
  • You should feel the muscles directly underneath your chin stretch a bit.
  • And you will really feel this in your jaw and jawline! Do this 10 times every day.

Smiling Fish Exercise:

This is a great facial exercise to firm and tone your cheeks, it reduces flabby fat from your cheeks

The fish face exercise, also termed as “smiling fish face” is a simple and one of the best facial exercises for cheeks that one could do anywhere you like while watching T.V or listening to your favorite song. This exercise helps in toning and spreading cheek muscles and lose the face fat fast.

Fish face exercises for jaw fat reduction

How to do it:

Just suck in your cheeks and lips as we use to do now try smiling, hold the posture for 5 seconds, you will feel the burn in your cheeks and jaws.

  • Repeat – 10 times
  • Hold – 5 seconds
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