Best Eyes Exercises for Better Vision

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eyes exercises for better vision

Eyes, being one of the most important sense organs of our body, too require a certain amount of attention and care like any other body parts. With increased use of technology in workplaces and daily life, most people suffer from eye problems, big or small. It is possible to maintain and improve your eyesight by following some simple and easy eye exercises daily. These exercises for eye are so effective that you can practice these even if you are not wearing glasses or even if you suffer from eye problems.

1. Blinking:


Blinking is one of the most fundamental functions and really helps improve your eyesight. What with the constant use of computers, televisions and smartphones, blinking has taken a backseat. But constantly exposing your eyes to light is bad for them; they need a period of respite when all they see is darkness. Which is where blinking steps in and helps reduce strain on the eyes.

2. Focusing:

eye focusing  2

People who wear glasses can get really lazy at focusing – and that’s one reason they fail to maintain healthy vision.
Take your glasses off right now and focus on your thumb held close up, then your other thumb at arm’s length, then at something across the room, then at something really far away out the window. Ideally all four points are along the same line of sight so it’s just a subtle change in focus.

Spend about 1-2 seconds on each item. Then flick back to your close-up thumb again. Try to obtain a clear image every time. This is a great exercise to improve your vision so do it for several minutes.

3. Shifting:


Shifting is moving or rotating your eyeballs from one direction to another. You can practice this, either with your eyes closed or open. Just look to your rightward corner, and then shift your gaze to the opposite direction. The tiny eye muscles get a spurt of blood pumped in to, which makes them more active and healthy.

4. Push Up Convergence:

Push Up Convergence4

Convergence is the eyes turning in together to keep your vision single when you look up close.  So in this exercise, you look at a pen tip at arm’s length and move the pen closer slowly until it splits into two images, then push it out again until you can regains single vision.

5. Flexing:


Flexing is an exercise that stretches the ocular muscle. This exercise helps you stop the of just staring a short distance in front of your face. This is a habit that most people do when they work on computers. In this exercise, face straight ahead and without moving your head try to look the farthest you can. You then look at your top right and bottom left in the sequence. Finally, you reverse the previous two moves. You will feel your eyes stretched.