7 Homemade Face Masks for Anti Ageing

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Skin Aging is the biggest concern of every women who crosses over age 30.It is during this age skin tends to lose its elasticity causing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.Today women are so busy in their personal and professional life that they often forget to take care of their skin.In this busy schedule I know how difficult it is to visit beauty salon every month for a facial.To all those busy women out there, here is an excellent anti aging facial that you can do at home to boost your skin elasticity, increase skin radiance and to make your skin supple and firmer like never before.Just believe me and give it a try, you will be surprised how beautiful your skin appears.

Face Masks for Anti Ageing

1. Banana Face Masks for Anti Ageing:

Banana is one such fruit that is loaded with the anti aging proteins. The rich vitamins like A and E helps in combat with aging elements and rejuvenates the skin.

How to Do:

  • Take a medium sized banana and mash it, add a tablespoon of cream, tablespoon of honey and a table spoon of oat flour to it.
  • Mix all the ingredients together and form a spreadable paste.
  • Apply it to the skin and leave it for 30 minutes and rinse off with Luke warm.
  • This face pack can decrease the fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Yoghurt and Flax Seed Anti Aging Face Mask:

This is quite simple yet effective anti aging face mask which has the antioxidants of flax seeds which keeps the skin younger for a lot longer since it reduces the damage causing free radical. Flax seeds are good when you ingest them too.

How to Do:

  • To prepare this mask, take one teaspoonful of yoghurt and one teaspoonful of flaxseed powder.
  • Mix and apply this on the face.
  • Wash when it gets dry after 20 minutes.
  • Other than the anti aging benefits this mask will also give a light exfoliation resulting in learn smother face.

3. Anti Aging Face Mask Using Besan and Egg White:

Besan is high on plant proteins and egg white has effective face tightening effects so when both of these are used it makes a great anti aging face mask for all the skin types.

How to Do:

  • Mix some egg white with gram flour (besan).
  • Adjust the quantity of besan so that you get a medium paste like consistency.
  • Apply and wait for it to get thoroughly dried. Rinse with pain water.
  • This needs to be done 2 times in a week and it will help keep the skin tighter and pores clean.

4. Pomegranate, Green Tea, and Lemon Face Pack:

This face pack combines the benefit of pomegranate which has powerful anti-oxidants, vitamin A, C, and E and honey and green tea which of course has amazing anti-ageing benefits.

How to Do:

  • Make a paste of pomegranate along with the seeds, add in 1 tbsp yogurt to it, make some green tea and add in 1 teaspoon along with 1/2 a teaspoon of lemon.
  • Now, add 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • You can add in kasturi manjal to this pack, but its optional, you can skip it.
  • Apply it on face and neck and keep for 20 minutes and wash it away with lukewarm water.
  • This face pack acts as a natural peeling pack too and is suitable for all skin types.
  • Remember to make a fresh pack each time because it can oxidize.

5. Turmeric and Curd Anti Aging Face Mask

Considering that it includes the powerful healing properties of turmeric and the richness of lactic acid in curd, a natural alpha hydroxy acid, help to improve the complexion and make it softer and more radiant. The application of this mixture on a regular basis, preferably three times a week, will help your skin to renew, fighting blemishes that may be there on the skin and prevent or delay the formation of wrinkles. You may also use basin or gram flour to the mixture to make your skin even softer and elastic.


  • Turmeric
  • Curd

How to Do:

  • Take a teaspoonful of curd in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric into it and mix.
  • Apply the mixture on your face and let it stay to dry for at least 10 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with water of room temperature.

6. Coconut Milk and Aloevera Gel:

Aloevera moisturizes the skin and prevents the early signs of aging. Coconut milk hydrates the skin and makes it soft and supple supplying various nutrients. Lentil power helps to scrub out the dead skin. As this mask itself is an organic product and do not contain any preservative, always keep the excess mask in the refrigerator for reuse.

How to Do:

  • Take 2-3 tbsp of fresh aloevera gel. Add this gel in a cup of pure coconut milk.
  • Add some finely ground lentil powder in it.
  • Mix everything. Apply this face mask on your face and neck.
  • Leave it for 30-40 minutes to allow your skin to adsorb the product and then wash with slightly cold water.

7. Peeled Peach and Egg White:

This peach facial mask reverses the agonizing aging process by tightening the facial skin. Peaches are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other chemical contents, which help tighten pores, nourish, refresh and brighten the complexion. The other ingredient, egg whites, work wonders for greasy, oily skin as it helps shrink large pores on the skin surface thereby reducing excess sebum. Large pores are potential breeding grounds for bacteria that cause bulbous zits and cysts. Egg whites consist of an ingredient known as lysozyme, an enzyme which is potent in eradicating acne-causing bacteria by digesting their cell walls.


  • 1 ripe peeled peach
  • 1 egg white

How to Do:

  • Mash the peach, add egg white and beat well to form a batter.
  • Use your fingers to apply the mask and leave it for at least 30 minutes.
  • Rinse well with warm water and pat your skin dry.