5 Fat Burning Foods To Lose Belly Fat

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Belly flattening foods to include in your diet to fight off and lose belly fat. Your belly fat is the most harmful fat in your body, both on your self-esteem and health. It has been particularly linked to chronic illness such as breast cancer and cardiovascular disease.

5 Fat Burning Foods To Lose Belly Fat

The worst of all, when it comes to your belly fat, exercise alone won’t help you lose it. In fact, most people don’t realize that you can actually burn belly fat and lose weight without exercise. With the right strategies that involve clean eating and menus filled with superfoods that fight off your belly fat, you can melt off the muffin tops.

In many cases, not eating ‘belly fat fighting foods’ is worse than eating junk. The lack of them in your diet can not only slow down your metabolism but also cause your body to store belly fat instead of losing it. By making simple changes to your diet and including these five foods in your breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can start to see your belly going down in sizes and your health starting to improve.

Here are 5 foods to help you fight and lose your belly fat.

1. Fiber:


Consume an adequate amount of dietary fiber in your diet everyday. According The National Cancer Institute, aim for a minimum of 25-30 grams of fiber. Considering the average daily intake in America is 11 grams, doubling or tripling the fiber food intake is highly recommended. Dietary fiber is essential to a healthy diet, and fiber rich foods provides fullness and a sense of satisfaction without adding up calories.

Fiber food is also best known to prevent constipation, stabilize blood sugar, control cravings and prevent overeating. All promote weight and fat loss and is extremely helpful in losing belly fat. Contrary to popular belief, fiber is in a variety of foods including beans, vegetables, grains, seeds and fruits.

Here are top 10 fiber sources you can easily find in your nearby grocery stores and add to your meals:

• Split peas, cooked (16.3 grams, 1 cup)

• Lentils, cooked (15.6 grams ,1 cup)

• Black beans, cooked (15 grams, 1 cup)

• Lima beans, cooked (13.2 grams , 1 cup)

• Baked beans (10.4 grams, 1 cup)

• Artichoke, cooked (10.3 grams 1 medium size artichoke)

• Green peas, cooked (8.8 grams, 1 cup)

• Raspberries, (8.0 grams, 1 cup)

• Spaghetti, whole-wheat, cooked (6.3 grams, 1 cup)

• Barley, pearled, cooked (6.0 grams, 1 cup)

You can also add fiber to your favorite dishes by adding a tablespoon of chia seeds (5.5 grams of fiber) or two-tablespoon of whole flaxseeds to add 6 grams of fiber.

2. Healthy Fats:

Good healthy dietary fats don’t equal belly fat. In fact, it helps burn belly fat!

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats in the diet, mainly monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids, have been proven to help promote reduction in belly fat. However, this is not to say portion control is not needed. It is still important to keep calories in check as these healthy fats are rich in calories. Make sure to stay within your recommended fat servings per day, which is outlined in the meal plan for your body type. Here is a list of healthy fat sources for both monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids and general serving size guidelines from University of Michigan Integrative Medicine.

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