Top 10 Herbal Detox Water Recipes and Its Benefits

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Who doesn’t want that shapely body, where every part of the body is perfect, starting from the hands and legs to your skin? But the most important thing here is to get a healthy body, which will ultimately help you to get and maintain a healthy body shape. And in this process to make yourself healthy as well as getting a perfect figure, one thing will definitely help you and that is detoxifying your body, commonly known as detox.

detox water recipes and benefits

You don’t have to drink plain water, however. In fact, there are a number of things that you can add to your water that will not only boost the taste, they will help to flush those harmful toxins out of your body.

1. Lemon Cucumber Mint Water:

Lemon Cucumber Mint Water1

You’ll see mint being used in a lot of detox waters. That’s because of its cooling taste in the mouth, and also the large amount of antioxidants it contains. You’ll see it paired here with cucumber and lemon, two other common detox water ingredients.

2. Cinnamon Strawberry Detox Water:

Cinnamon Strawberry Detox Water2

Cinnamon and strawberries may not sound like a popular combination, but it works in this detox water. You get the healing benefits of cinnamon mixed with the antioxidants of strawberries in one water. A lime helps to tie it all together and make it even more cleaning for the body.

3. Turmeric Lemon Water:

Turmeric Lemon Water3

Turmeric has been used for generations in India as a healing spice. You can get its benefits by adding it to your lemon water and giving the water a totally new dynamic. The biggest benefit you can expect from this water is in the form of its anti-inflammatory ability.

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