10 Effective Home Remedies to Control Hair Fall

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Everyone wants a thick head of hair. Unfortunately, many people suffer from hair loss as a result of genetics, environmental factors, stress, aging, nutritional deficiencies and other factors

10 Effective Home Remedies to Control Hair Fall

There are typically 100,000 strands of hair on the human head, and it is perfectly normal to shed between 50 to 100 stands every day. Losing more than that is a sure sign that something is wrong. Here are some homes remedies for hair fall that you can use to bring the balding process to a halt.

1. Amla Oil:

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Amla oil is very effective home cure to stop hair loss. Amla oil , can be prepared by boiling dry pieces of amla in coconut oil. This is a very good hair tonic and helps in the growth of hair. Mix equal quantity of lime juice and amla juice, use this as shampoo to prevent hair loss and to facilitate hair growth.

2. Henna:

Home Remedies to Control Hair Fall 2

Henna is commonly used in Asian countries to strengthen and color hair. It is a nourishing conditioner that makes hair look smooth, shiny, and beautiful. Regular application helps to keep itchiness and dandruff at bay. It also has certain properties that fight bacteria and other germs that cause hair loss. It helps make hair strands thick and strong.

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