5 Best Homeopathic Medicines For Hemorrhoids

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Piles or Hemorrhoids is a disease affecting the anal region. In Piles, the veins in the rectal area swell due to stagnation of blood. The swollen veins cause pain, itching and discomfort while passing stool, sitting, standing or walking. The pain may last for a long time after passing stool. In some patients, there may be bleeding while passing stool. The piles may be internal or external depending upon the location of the veins. When the problem is severe, the piles may protrude from the rectum and may have to be pushed back manually.

5 Best Homeopathic Medicines For Hemorrhoids

Treating Piles or Hemorrhoids – Why Surgery Is Not Advisable:

When one has been diagnosed with piles, the next obvious thing that comes into one’s mind is its treatment. The only treatment for piles or hemorrhoids that is offered by Allopathy is the surgical option. There is no other treatment in allopathy. Most of the patients are afraid or wary of getting a surgery done. There are some disadvantages of this surgical option. Surgery is cumbersome and expensive also. At the same time, the very purpose of surgery is lost when this problem recurs after some time of getting surgery done. At times, people are not aware of the possibility of piles being treated in any other way and end up getting surgery done. They do not look around or ask around for other possibilities ie alternative or complementary treatment for piles. It is only later when the problem recurs that they regret their decision of getting surgery done and start looking for some alternatives.

Alternative or Complementary Treatment For Piles or Hemorrhoids- The Best Option is To Have Homeopathy For Piles or Hemorrhoids:

When it comes to alternative or complementary treatments for piles or hemorrhoids, Homeopathy offers the best treatment for piles. I say best not only because the cure rate is exceptionally good but also because Homeopathic treatment for piles offers several more advantages. It is very economical when compared to any other alternative or complementary treatment for piles. At the same time, the homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects. This is one of the biggest advantages of Homeopathy over any other system of medicine. While you are under treatment of any other system of medicine, you run the risk of getting one or the other side effect while Homeopathic treatment for piles is absolutely safe. That is why I say that Homeopathy is the best when it comes to alternative or complementary treatment for piles or Hemorrhoids.

Homeopathic Medicines for Piles or Hemorrhoids:

In Homeopathy, there are very effective medicines that can cure Piles or Haemorrhoids very easily. By opting for Homeopathy treatment for piles, one can avoid surgery, which is the only option that is offered by Allopathy. In my experience in the last 2 decades of practice in Homeopathy, I have found a few medicines to be very effective in Homeopathic treatment for piles. Never ever did any of my patient require any other treatment or surgery to get rid of piles. A lot of cases were really bad ones. Some had been suffering for decades and had tried lots of piles medicines including creams for applications, home remedies or Ayurvedic medicines. From the vast experience of treating such difficult and chronic piles cases, I have compiled this list of 5 best Homeopathy medicines for Piles. At the cost of being repetitive, I want to emphasize that this list of homeopathic piles medicines is not an exhaustive one. I often have to use other medicines depending upon the symptoms of the patient. Nonetheless, these 5 p
iles medicines can be called the 5 best homeopathic remedies for piles. Here they are for your awareness.

Hamamelis-One of The Best Homeopathic Remedies For Bleeding Piles or Hemorrhoids:

Hamamelis is the best homeopathic remedies for bleeding piles and I have rarely required any other medicine to stop the bleeding. Any form of venous congestion and venous bleeding comes under the purview of this medicine and the rectal region is the most prominent. There is a feeling of soreness and bruised sort of sensation which is another important guiding symptom for the use of this medicine.

Ratanhia-One of The Best Homeopathic Medicines for Painful Piles or Hemorrhoids:

When it comes to curing painful piles, Ratanhia is the best homeopathic medicine for piles. I have hardly needed any other Homeopathic medicine to cure painful piles. There is pain while passing stool and the pain persists for hours afterwards. The character of the pain is such as if there is broken glass inside the rectum. Sometimes there is pain as if a knife is thrust inside. Dry heat or burning may also be felt. This burning may be relieved by cold water.

Graphites-Best Homeopathic Medicine For Piles or Hemorrhoids with Constipation:

If the patient has constipation along with piles, homeopathic medicine Graphites has shown wonderful results in my practice. The stools are hard, knotty and united by mucous threads. Obesity is another strong indication for this medicine. Skin eruptions are another common symptom seen in such patient. When one finds such a patient who is obese, has skin eruptions or any history of skin eruptions and is constipated, Graphites is most likely to cure such a patient. In females, there is menstrual disturbance too. Most of the times, menses are scanty and delayed.

Nux Vomica- Best Homeopathic Medicine for Piles or Hemorrhoids Due To Sedentary lifestyle:

The modern day lifestyle has become more and more sedentary. One tends to work a lot but only on the mental plane while there is little physical activity. At the same time, one tends to take lot of rich food and also non veg. Use of stimulants like liquor or cigarettes is also quite high. This causes a lot of problems, piles being one of them. In such cases, Nux Vomica is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for piles. It not only cures the piles but also sets the gastrointestinal system in order again.

Aesculus-Best Homeopathic Remedy For Hemorrhoids or Piles With Pain In The Back:

If the patient has pain in the back along with piles, Aesculus Hippocastanum is the best Homeopathic remedy for piles or hemorrhoids. There is pain in the back along with the piles and there is no explanation for this backache except that it is occurring along with the piles. There may be pain in the rectum as if it is full of small sticks. More often, the piles is blind in character, which means that there is no bleeding.