10 Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day At Your Home

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We started a new tradition in our family. The goal is “not” going out on Valentine’s, crazy huh? Instead, we stay at home and celebrate family style – complete with a candlelight dinner and a lot of fun! We still choose a different night to go out, but hopefully when the crowds are all back at home, lol.

Here’s our first annual stay at home celebration from 2 yrs. ago, we got dressed up for the occasion, just to make it really special, different from any other night.

10 Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day At Your Home

Celebrated with a nice dinner for 5 with grilled steaks, baked potatoes, sautéed asparagus, rosemary rolls, and red velvet cheesecake for dessert, played nice jazz music in the background, then topped the evening off with a family game night. Such a great memory for us all.

Let your creative juices flow to think outside the box – here’s a few suggestions but you’ve probably got some other great ideas to make a lasting memory for your family and just to have fun.

1. Candlelight Dinner:

use the fine china with crystal, tablecloths, decor, centerpiece, after dinner mints – do the whole deal! Don’t forget to have music in the background for added “ambiance.” Dress up. Serve a nice dinner, maybe something you wouldn’t normally have most evenings.

Candlelight Dinner

Our kids love the sparkling grape juice too. Practice the best of manners, napkins in the lap, etc., just like you would expect in a nice restaurant. Troy acted as the “waiter” at first, speaking in his best French accent, then all the kids wanted to take turns – serving. And, of course, no electronics!

2. Dance Night:

Dance Night

Push the furniture way back, get your dance floor ready, and turn the music ON!

3. Game Night:

Board game

when your kids hear “game night” – they may at first think, “Yay – Xbox or Wii!” But, go old style for this night – dust off the Monopoly game, find your old deck of cards, make up a Charades game, play Guesstures or Pictionary – just get everyone together and do something that you may not normally do.

4. Karaoke Night:

Karaoke Night

need I say more? So fun – lasting memories – cut loose – sing!

5. Scavenger Hunt:

Scavenger Hunt

make up your own hunt around the house. You could use red heart notes for the clues – and at the end – have a big Valentine’s surprise waiting. We did this once at Christmas time, our new puppy was waiting at the end of the game – our kids still talk about that from a few years ago. Such a great surprise, and a fun way for them to “find” her.

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