6 Easy Ways To Clean Your Kitchen

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Are you sick and tired of spending big bucks on chemical cleaners chockfull of scary ingredients? If so, it may seem that your only option is to go out and purchase organic versions with even scarier price tags. However, there are alternatives. You can find some wonderful natural cleaning agents already in your pantry or on the shelf of your local health food store.

6 Easy Ways To Clean Your Kitchen

No advanced chemistry degree is required to use “as is” or mix them up into cleansers that will help you wash away gunk and grime throughout your kitchen.

1. Dishes:

Make your own dishwasher soap with pure, non-toxic ingredients. You can even form it into handy pre-measured tablets. The recipe calls for you to mix all natural borax, washing soda, citric acid, and kosher salt with enough water to hold it all together, then pour it into a mold.


If you don’t own a dishwasher or prefer to do your delicate items by hand, make dishwashing liquid from well-diluted castile soap, grated soap, or soap flakes mixed in a 1:4 ratio with warm water. Add a drop or two of essential oil for a pleasant fragrance and store in one of those giant plastic detergent bottles you won’t be buying anymore. A set of reusable hand-knitted dishcloths adds even more eco-friendliness.

2. Counters:


The dishwashing liquid described above may also be used for cleaning countertops. Some people like to add baking soda for extra scrubbing action; just make sure you remove all the grit it leaves behind. Be careful never to use vinegar or other acids on stone countertops (granite or marble, for example), because they damage the surface. A magic eraser quickly removes scuffs, especially on counter edges.

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