9 Home Remedies To Deal With Dandruff Naturally

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Dandruff is nowadays one of the common hair problems faced by both the men and women. It can be very irritating and embarrassing. The worst thing is that they also cause acne and mess with the skin too.

Hair is undoubtedly called half of the beauty. Every woman and man want to be proud of. But when it is messed with dandruff it looks very bad. Dandruff is a terrible white cloud that effects and damages the charm of your hair and makes them weak and lead to hair fall.

9 Home Remedies To Deal With Dandruff Naturally

Remember These Important Points:

• Never share your hair combs and brushes with others.

• Clean the combs and brushes regularly and keep them in a clean and neat place.

• Whenever you see the first symptom of having dandruff in your hair, instantly try to use a dandruff killing shampoo and conditioner. Search for the best among all which is best for eliminating dandruff.

• Some of the remedies may effect a little drying of the hair. If it happens just use a good conditioner and make sure to keep the moisture locked in.

What Causes Dandruff?

This question is circulating in every body’s mind nowadays that what actually dandruff is??

Dandruff is caused by growing a fungus called (Malassezia) on your scalp. This causes shedding the skin of the scalp. Dandruff can be of two types. One can be caused due to the complete dryness of the scalp, While the other can be caused due to the production of excessive amounts of oil on the scalp.

1. Neem Leaves and Lemon:

Neem Leaves and Lemon

Neem has a great and effective ability of having antiseptic property which is best for treating dandruff naturally in no time. Make a paste of neem leaves and apply it on the scalp to get rid of dandruff effectively. It is a useful home made treatment of fighting against the dandruff. Neem leaves is not only effective in treating of dandruff but it also helps in the treatment of lice and many other eruptions on the scalp.

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