Top 10 Home Remedies For Double Chin

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Double chin is layer of fatty tissues visible under the chin. Skin loses its elasticity with the advancement of age and sagging of the skin occurs causing a double chin. This can be a hereditary problem. But the most prominent reason for double chin is overweight. Homemade methods to treat double chin are very popular and there are also ways to hide the appearance of the double chin.

10 Home Remedies For Double Chin

Double chin is the one of the face beauty killer. It will take away the face beauty. It comes because of genetics or obesity or due to external fat in the body. Double chin may raises with the age. Age is also one the factor for the double chin. As we are getting older chances are increased to get the double chin.

Genetic Cause

There is a possibility that double chin can also be caused through hereditary factors. Like color of your hair or eyes, double chin can originate from your genetics. If your family members are having a double chin, subsequently you can have the chance to get double chin due to genetics. The two factors affecting the formation of double chin are rate of the water retention and fat storage.

The diet routine of family plays a vital role in deciding the progress of double chin within a person. Mostly, the people consider that if you are liable to build up double chin, then it is very hard to get rid of it. This is not completely true. There is a chance to make very big changes in your hereditarily caused double chin via making required lifestyle choices.


Age is the next important cause for double chin to the people who are above middle age. The muscle loss, loosening of skin and fat deposition are all caused by means of aging. As soon as these muscles start to slacken, your hazard of developing double chin increases. The muscle strengthening exercises are efficient in dropping double chin to middle aged people. Jaw muscle and facial exercises hold up the appearance of aging transforms in the face.

Excess weight:

Possibly the most general cause for double chin is just excess body fat or excess weight. If you are obese or overweight, it is natural to imagine that you will grow up a double chin too. Even if people who are not overweight but regularly having fatty diet can get a chance to develop double chin. If your obese is the cause for double chin, then you can easily get rid of double chin by getting free from your extra weight.

Below are few home remedies to get rid of the double chin.

1. Sugar Free Gum:

Sugar Free Gum

To get rid of a double chin, it is essential to keep your facial muscles toned and give the muscles in your jaw line a workout. One of the best ways to do that is to chew sugarless gum. Sugar free chewing gum can even help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Simply chew sugarless gum several times a day to reduce your double chin as quickly as possible.

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