7 Simple Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

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On any calendar, St. Valentine’s Day is the season of love. This holiday has lots of memory making potential, and setting the scene for romance with a few decorative touches will make the whole event more fun. You know the colors: red, white, pink and gold. You know the themes too: flowers, hearts, cherubs and candy — lots of candy. Now, let’s explore some quick and easy ways to make your interior spaces more Valentine’s Day friendly and romantically charged.

7 Simple Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

The Romantic Table:

Nothing beats a romantic, candlelit dinner for two on Valentine’s Day. If you’re doing the honors this year, the table can be your ambassador of love for the length of the meal. The gleam of silverware, glint of crystal and sparkle of china all help to make a Valentine’s table look special. These additions will help too:

Romantic Table

Use a tablecloth. Table dressing adds a special touch to any meal. Lace is an elegant choice, but it’s not the only option here. You can also get a dramatic effect by layering your look with a tablecloth, runner and placemats. It’s a great way to liven up a neutral china pattern and add a festive note to the meal.

Set the table ahead of time. Anticipation adds drama to a romantic meal, so lay out the linens, china, silverware and glasses beforehand. It will inspire oohs and aahs and add another dimension to the day’s entertainment.

Choose an intimate centerpiece. For a romantic dinner, keep the centerpiece low and refined. You’ll want to converse over it easily. A bouquet of short stemmed roses is a classic choice, but three white violets in identical pots set in a row is a striking and easy option too. Make sure the centerpiece doesn’t overwhelm other elements on the table.

Romantic Table 2

Keep the lighting soft. This is another instance where candlelight is the perfect lighting, with tall white tapers taking the romantic prize. They’ll burn a long time and set the mood for a memorable meal. Just remember to opt for the dripless variety so you won’t have to scrape candle wax off your linens later.

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